No Mood

by Lampland

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Flood Lights 02:52
You burst a pipe And I know that I should call Not watch the moonlit water pour down your walls I think something broke in me There’s an arc There’s an order to the tides There’s red and orange ink bleeding from the eyes In my face In the pictures that you took of me I I I know I brought it on And it’s easy all your songs say tell her when you go that you’re really gone I’m not going anywhere Ooo you’re climbing the stairs And I probably should start crying when I see you And I’m tryna cry but whoa it’s such a deep blue And I wanna cry but whoa it’s such a deep blue And I’m swaying and I’m soaking in a deep blue
In the middle of my only room I been working myself up into a pretty good mood Ballerina-like ballerina-like ballerina-like I’m grinning through the pain I’m an omen my day will wreck your day I’m so happy and I don’t know why I was riding round your orchard when I felt it unwind Will you read to me will you read to me will you read to me? My vision is a blur I’m an addict my words will mince your words Phantom attitude Phantom attitude Phantom attitude I’m working up some feelings In the afternoon I’m not dying easy eyes-closed death When I’m all out of emotion I take twenty quick breaths Oh my readership oh my readership oh my readership Is dwindling by the day Honey try me my ways will change your ways Phantom attitude Phantom attitude Phantom attitude I’m working up some feelings In the afternoon Cheer up Charlie you’re your own worst friend Notice all these endings ending in these little godsends Oh your attitude oh your attitude oh your attitude Is keeping me awake I know I know it can unravel you Staring in that violet cup of swirling drink and ice cubes I was living proof I was living proof I was living proof I was living proof I was living proof I was living proof I was living proof I was living proof I was living proof If ever you’re the same Come and find me my pains will ease your pains
In the warm part of my room I been practicing my moves Children sleep if you give em beds Divers close their eyes at the edge And I turn heads but I dunno why aa ooo I’m a big surprise I put the cello down And then you see All my bad luck just seemed fair When you said yeah I’ll cut your hair That meant yes I will touch your neck A few good prayers and look what you get The blondes at my church aren’t having fun aa ooo I’m the only one But I’m having fun Most of the time Eyes like mine you don’t need smarts Science kids they don’t need arts Arts don’t count if they don’t look weird I night driveway practiced for years And all I got was this fucking shirt aa ooo Hours and hours and hours were blurred Fear me I’m a big word Can you come over? Everyone I know is batshit And I’m on a downward swing
Don't Drive 04:59
Don’t try to drive Don’t try to drive tonight Pressures dropping I was right Heavy shiver in the air I don’t know why I’m laughing You know the bridges freeze first? And then the gin in your purse And then the swimming pool where you work All from the crash All from the thunder crash That made you drop your water glass Which made us stoop to clean it up Which put your mouth right near mine I’m omnipotent now I hear your thinking and wow It’s not all daisies and paisleys anyhow This semiprecious lighting is the lighting from my dream These shadows of you Look alive Don’t drive home tonight Maybe I do care If it hurts if it hurts if it hurts If it really hurts Sleep while you can Sleep while you can don’t wake Once things change they never change It’s like drawing on your walls Like haircuts for your girl dolls You know the carpet will dry And then the tear in your eye And then the riverbed under breathing skies This semiprecious lighting is the lighting from my dream This feeling you hold Is a high Don’t drive home tonight Maybe I do care If it hurts if it hurts if it hurts if it really hurts
Feeling like a real man today Hope it’s not a one time thing Got good ideas today I gotta patent something in my name You know they can’t let me feel this way They’ll get me with the bait and switch And have me screaming babe Say something only I know only you would say Sometimes I feel like an innocent man with a blood glove Love and all it’s phone calls Couldn’t settle me down Oh oh no you don’t Hate it when it gets dark like that Just as we were breaking up But now I know it true What I want to do do you want to do it too? Sometimes I feel like a stack of two kids in a trench coat Guessing where I’m going I’m just gonna sway here And feel good bad Feeling like a pet dog today Choking on his chain chain chain You’ve every right to cry I’m crying too see my angry reddish eyes? You know I mean well mean well what do I mean Well all can be took two ways Everybody knows that
Where am I going and why Oh my whole life to the day has been me waiting on some sign I went to the mall to ask two real astronauts But they didn’t know Then your grandfather died And I saw this alien angel eye Out my window But they would not stop the bus And I’m worried I faked it I’m worried I faked it I’m bringing liquor home lady I just stood writing songs at the counter and they paid me You’re touching my shoulders It makes me shiver like I’m scratching a brick When the time finally came And I mostly felt the same You said no sign Is a real good sign sometimes And I know that you hate it I’m worried I faked it Yeah I know that you don’t blink insanely Well I do And I’m blinking very fast as I climb up onto the roof And I’m holding onto the chimney And I’m listening really hard And it’s good and weird I’m delicate here on the side of the rolling earth
Heroine 03:19
Calling from a fun bar It’s me I heard you’re living with some school friends now I’m in the never-ending I wake up and I wake up again What a room-hushing heart-crushing myth of a heroine Heroine Gonna clean my room up Stiff drink and here I go I’m wading memory deep in ticket stubs I think you’re still who I love Some of us should stay here But me and lady maybe we should look for clues And later on the terrace I learn I’m just a chill in the wind For a room-hushing heart-crushing ear-rushing heroine You know how when you’re folding your clothes You’ll feel like everybody you went to school with Wants to watch you twist your ankle in the semis? Stick it and grimace Kerri you’re a big girl Almond eyes Teary nothings My love is such an honest love You’re up and asking if I just cleaned my room Baby that’s all I do
The Sameness 04:00
Pretty sure I’m not awake This beach is just girlfriends I’m running I’m running I’m not waking up I thought that the blood rush sound Was you driving home Funny yeah I guess it was Touching your necklace The sameness the sameness Is freaking me out I thought that I made you up But now you’re inside my car Sticking your toes in the air vents Pretty sure I’m not awake This highway is ribbons I’m glitching I’m glitching I’m slipping I’m out I’m deep in the clothes rack now Where no one can hear my sounds I feel like a fold in the fabric The intercom’s on And they’re saying my name They’re saying my mothers name And I know the name And the knowing is a little pearl There’s no love in New York state And we’re driving at reckless rates And I’m watching my lips turn blue In the mirror view In the mirror view Momma dreams really do come true Momma dreams really do come true Momma dreams really do come true Momma dreams really do
Did you ever wanna know why I would sleep so long? It’s where I got this cold wet feeling on my palms That you’re feeling now Do you feel it now? We gotta stay warm and dry somehow Did you ever wanna know why I would talk so slow? It’s where I got this weird way of taking off my clothes That you’re seeing now Do you see it now? We gotta stay warm and dry somehow
Ain’t my puppeteering improving I been improving I’m living down among the details now and oh how nice To be that size A little night life Two silver earrings on one’s countertop and hey You’re right on the fine line It was a midnight And I was carefully deflating the balloons and closing The windows And you came in slow And you collapsed and started saying how you’d heard Palm trees had been dying And you were lying And I was nodding I was really all enrapt My senses overlap I think we’re being watched from the cul de sac I’ll go out — I’ll tell them what is what I’ll rage and I’ll rage till I’ve raged just enough Don’t talk I am sitting on my porch swing I am the porch king I am the phantom of the ski lodge I am so caught up In the details I’m on a detail I’m in the middle of a weekend on a sidewalk Under an airplane In front of your place I’m in your little room I’m telling you how black holes Are multiplying And I am lying And you are listening with the patience of a saint I’ll scare myself awake I’ll smash a liquor glass in the fireplace It’s me I am never getting tired I’ll rage just enough just for you little liar Little liar Little liar In snowshoes I am in snowshoes I have no news


released February 8, 2019

Recorded at home, and with Jeff Fettig at The Creamery (Brooklyn, NY)
Mixed by Jeff Fettig
Mastered by Brian Lucey
All songs by Tommy Bazarian (ASCAP)
Album art by Leo Cagan Horton
Design by Madeline Ludwig-Leone

Tommy Bazarian: guitars, pianos, banjos, synths, handbells, vocals
Hans Bilger: bass on 2, 5, 6, 7, 9
Dan Drohan: drums on 2, 5, 6, 7, 9
Gabe Nathans: bass on Don’t Drive
Ethan Schneider: drums on Don’t Drive
Adam O’Farrill: trumpets on No Sign Is A Good Sign


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Lampland Brooklyn, New York

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